Our Story

The vision of Isaiah 58 - God's love to the Nations


“Isaiah 58 Mobile Training Institute, training individuals to hear and obey God’s voice.”

Who We Are

In 1979, God spoke to the late Rev. Agnes I. Numer to start a missionary training center where people would be trained by the Spirit of the Lord to meet the spiritual and natural needs of others. Thousands have received the impartation of God’s love for the nations.

Many of our trainers personally sat under Rev. Numer’s teachings and eagerly desire to share it with you, the next generation.

According to the plan that God had given her, Agnes envisioned training centers being established all over the world. Today, these centers not only provide complete training but a place of refreshing for the weary: a home away from home for nationals: and a receiving and distribution site for food, clothing, medicine, and other relief supplies.

Why Is58MTi

As we watch current events unfold before us, it is clear that life as we know it is changing. We must send the Gospel where we cannot go.

The Gospel must be

  • efficient in its mobility
  • effective in its impartation
  • accurate in Biblical Truth
  • and available to those with little to no access to Biblical resources.

Isaiah 58 Mobile Training Institute was designed with these aspects in mind.
It is flexible for large settings such conferences and seminars or for smaller intimate gatherings such as bible studies and one-on-one training.